Who We Are


Peam Village Foundation (PVF) is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation committed to fighting injustice and inequality in Cambodia.

Founded in 2013, PVF is an initiative and community care arm of Bay City Church and their Bay City Care program that provides practical support, education, and training to the very poorest of children and their families. PVF works collaboratively with the local Peam Village community to address a range of social and economic issues. Our work is tailored to the immediate needs of the local community while working towards reducing poverty and transforming their lives. 

In Cambodia, PVF is driven by our co-founders, Ovarty and Olyda Yin whom both grew up and still live in Siem Reap. They decided to "do what they could" after witnessing hunger, children living in garbage filled streets, and poverty most of their lives. They also observed that many of the village schools can be found empty. To be enrolled in school, the tuition has to be paid, parental permission is needed, and the children need proper shoes and clothing. Ovarty and Olyda visited the families of the village school children and obtained their permission, clothed the children and paid their tuition. These two sisters and their group of volunteers have been working tirelessly to make a difference and see lasting change. They also work hard to make sure all resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to improve the quality of life for the children.


Our Schools

The children enrolled in the schools are taught Khmer and English, reading and writing, health and hygiene, and Bible studies. Informal group sessions also teach the children how to recognize the threat of foreign and local predators. This creates a line of communication between the children and our organisation to protect them from child trafficking, slave trade, and prostitution. Our teachers at Peam Village are Sreisros and Masel Sary who believe that education can change the world. The proof of this lies in the faces of the smiling children and the sparkle in their eyes is a sign that they are now learning and maybe they too, like the rest of the world, can have a future. We have accomplished a great deal in only a short time. The beacon of hope is shining, but as we grow, the need for help is also growing.


Ty Pic 2.jpg

Ovarty "Ty" Yin


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Olyda 'Da" Yin



Our Mission

Located in southeast Asia, Cambodia has a coastline on the Gulf of Thailand and shares borders with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Its main topographical feature is the Tonle Sap, or Great Lake, which drains into the Mekong River.


Our mission in Cambodia is to improve the health and education provision for these children and their families in the Peam Village district of the country. These people live about 10-15 kms from Siem Reap town and to-date have never had any formal education provision. Our ultimate goal is to help educate these children and build a well-established local school. This will increase school enrollment and primary completion rates for these deprived children in the Peam Village area.

Life-skills and hygiene are taught as part of the Khmer school curriculum. The curriculum is also supplemented by additional music, art, sport and creative subjects. The temporary school was built by the local people in the heart of the village and is managed by Ovarty Yin. Family members are also invited to the school to build confidence and participate in the school activities as much as possible. 



Peam Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia