2018 Mission Project (Flyer & Video)

On 22nd October, 2018 we launched our Peam Village Foundation (PVF) Missions project. PVF has a heart and mandate to bring social justice and welfare to the Peam Village community through Bay City Care. In 2011, Bay City Care extended its social justice mandate to support Ovarty and Olyda and their team of volunteers. In 2013, land was donated and a temporary building was constructed to begin teaching a small group of children. Since then, PVF has built another brick classroom that is much more brighter and spacious to house and educate the children. 


In 2016, PVF had architectural plans approved to build a new school and community centre. Our plan for 2019, with the help of you and our our partners, is to commence construction of the new school building. This will enable us to support the neediest children with the resources they need and provide them with a quality education. When the new school is built, there will be much more room and improved conditions for these children. The school will also provide the kids with a safe place to continue to thrive and grow.


We regard education as a fundamental human right and recognise the key role it plays in childhood development, and its impact on health, nutrition and poverty reduction. Our mission is to give hope and a future to to a new generation, one that will rise up and stand on solid ground to break the cycle of poverty and suppression of the past

2018 Flyer

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2018 Mission Video