We greatly appreciate your support of Peam Village Foundation and our efforts to address the urgent needs of the children. It is only with your help that we can continue to manage this mission and provide for these communities.


As a donor or sponsor, you are crucial to our mission to walk with the poor and marginalized of the world. Your contribution provides a child with essential benefits such as:


  • food, clothing, and health care.

  • educational needs such as school supplies, uniforms, tuition and other school fees.

  • recreational activities and Christmas and birthday celebrations.

  • literacy training and Church based programs for children & their families.


Sponsorship benefits vary according to the individual needs of the children. However, they are designed to meet critical needs and help families build a path out of poverty. Here is a brief list of expenses that are being met.

 1 meal for 100 children per day...............................$30.00

 School uniform (2 tops/ 2 bottoms) per child.........$ 6.00

 1 Story book & 1 Writing book per child.................$ 3.00

Direct Debit and Overseas Donations


We welcome direct debit payments directly into our account. Find below the details required to make a direct debit. For all direct debits, we suggest you then send us an email with the details of your donation to

Bank Details

Account Name: Bay City Care

BSB: 062-235

Account Number: 1072 4998

Check or Money Order

You may donate to the Peam Village Foundation by sending your gift (whether cash, check, or money order) to the following address:


Peam Village Foundation

C/- Bay City Church

7 Hattersley Street

Arncliffe NSW 220


(All donations are tax deductible)