Education Program

Peam Village Foundation was set up to provide opportunity through education and training to children living in rural areas of Cambodia. Our main purpose is to help these children who are either poor or whose parents are not there for them, and help strengthen vulnerable families and keep them together. This enables them to become healthy, self-empowered and self sustaining members of their society.


In 2013 land was donated to help promote health and education in the local area. The following year, a small temporary classroom was constructed with wooden walls and a metal roof. We now have another small classroom and undercover area that has just been built that will serve as teaching area and outdoor kitchen. In 2016, PVF had architectural plans approved to build a large brick school building which will enable us to assist more children to receive an education. Construction is due to start  this year and when the new school is completed, the children will not only learn, but have the opportunity to develop their interests and talents in other pursuits as well as just have fun and enjoy life.

Our school lies in the heart of a poor rural village in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The teaching in the area is poor and most students are not able to compete with city children for places at high school, college or university. Our objective is to enable the very poorest children who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to gain an education and training. At the school they are provided with nutritious meals, hygiene classes, clean drinking water, medical treatment, and emotional support, all within a safe environment. We find that all the children enjoy the opportunity to learn and it doesn’t take long for their health to improve.