Health Program

All children at Peam Village School live in adverse family situations, facing shortages of the basics in life. Our health program provides appropriate relief to these children who lack these basic needs, such as food, shelter and clothing. At present, volunteers have been providing meals, teaching essential hygiene and providing a wide range of other services for these kids in need.


Our mission is to improve the health and education provision for these children and their families in the Peam Village district of the country. These people live about 10-15 kms from Siem Reap town and to-date have never had any formal education provision or health care. We offer free education to all, providing them with uniforms and clothing, teaching support, guidance and mentoring. Life-skills and hygiene are also taught as part of the school curriculum.


We regard education as a fundamental human right and recognise the key role it plays in childhood development, and its impact on health, nutrition and poverty reduction. When the new school is built, there will be much more room and improved conditions for these children.  The school will provide the kids with a safe place to continue to thrive and grow. And, through the generous donations from you and our partners, we can support the neediest children with the resources they need.