What We Do

Peam Village Foundation (PVF) extends practical help to Peam Village School near Siem Reap, Cambodia. We are not a program at arms length but are deeply committed to a real and enduring relationship with the children and their families. žOur objective is to enable the very poorest children, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to gain an education and training. By giving them hope and the gift of self-belief, we can empower these children to one day grow up and become the change their families and communities desperately need.


All children at Peam Village School live in adverse family situations, facing shortages of the basics in life such as food, clothing, shelter and transportation. We offer free education to all, providing them with food, uniforms and clothing, teaching support, guidance and mentoring. Land has already been donated to build a school and community centre. Currently we have built two classrooms (1 brick & 1 wooden) but there are already plans in place to help them build a permanent school building.



Peam Village School Project

Since July 2014 to March 2015 we have faithfully raised just over AU$3200 towards helping the children. The money is sent over to the PVF in Cambodia every month. The money is used for school lunches and stationery at Peam School. We are aiming to raise AU$ 550.00 each month to pay for a teacher and fund the mission overall for 12 months of the year. Thank you everyone for your help.


At present, volunteers have been clearing the land, providing meals, teaching essential hygiene and providing a wide range of other services for the kids in need. When the new school is built, there will be much more room and improved teaching conditions for the teachers and their students. All these children love to learn and are very grateful to have the opportunity to go to school. The school will also provide the kids with a safe place to continue to thrive and grow.


Adopt-A-Box Campaign

In 2013, we launched the "Adopt-A-Box" campaign which sends personalised and practical gifts to the children every year. Over 300 Adopt-A-Boxes (see video below) have been sent to Peam Village from 2013 to 2016. Through the Adopt-A-Box campaign, our goal is to give these children the tools to start each day with confidence, being proud of themselves, and ready to learn. This can be accomplished by providing them with a shoe box stocked with items most of us would call simple necessities.